Feel new kind of sex Experience with Female Escorts

Female escorts

The Climax

My nerves were frazzled by the touches of these babes. One move led to the other. The babes treated me like a special kind of a god. They enjoyed playing with my hard dick. They licked and cucked my dicks and balls as I wriggle with pleasure. This was actually the first time I had a woman deep throat me. And, the experience was definitely Wow!

After using hands and mouths to play with my dick, one of the ladies eventually put it in her pussy. We fucked in different positions and when about to cum, the ladies got on their knees and started working on my dick with their hands and mouth again. I eventually ejaculated in their mouth one at a time. They licked every drop of my load and sucked my dick and balls until I couldn’t let out more cum.

The experience was purely magical. Since then, I have always booked companions secretly and met them in a hotel room whenever I want to relive the experience. I never regret having fun with these models.

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